Each bag has three sections allowing you to move the cherry pits from section to section.
Once you place your cherry pits where they are needed they will stay in place :)

Made from all natural cherry pits grown in beautiful Northern Michigan. Cherry Pits have been used for centuries because they provide steady warmth for a long period of time. They don’t burn as easy as other options and have an earthy smell. Freeze them and also use for cold applications.


Warm applications: Sore Muscles, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Improved Circulation, Stress Relief, Migraines, Neck & Back Pain, Kidney Stones, Labor Pains, Menstrual Cramps, Tooth Ache, Sinus Pain, Ear Aches, Pinched Nerves, Bursitis, Reynaud's, Knee, Hip, Shoulder or any location of pain, ect.  Heat for 1 minute in microwave then increase at 30 second intervals until you have reached the desired warmth.  Each microwave varies.

Cold applications: Swelling, Bruises, Broken Bones, Migraines, Tendonitis, Puffy Eyes, Muscle Strain, etc.  Store in a baggie to keep the freezer smells off your bag.  

Other applications: Sensory Bags, Warming Your Bed, Relieving Winters Chill, Add a few drops of essential oil, ect.

Young or old, male or female, they make the perfect gift.  Great for Birthdays, Holidays, Thank You, Get Well, Teachers, etc.  Or simply keep one for yourself!

Canvas-Duck Fabric
Cotton Flannel
Variety of colors to choose from